Walkera WK-0701 transmitter as a joystick for linux

Windows users, please, go to http://www.smartpropoplus.com/.

Kernel driver

Stable version (stable1.0-rc4)kernel subtree.
(Same version can be found in Linus 2.6 kernel GIT)

Compiling: copy downloaded subtree over kernel tree (tested 2.6.27-7). Select walkera0701 module in menuconfig (device drivers -> input device support ->joysticks/gamepads ->Walkera 0701 RC transitter)

compile, install and reboot to new kernel. Install module "walkera0701" by modprobe walkera0701. If module like "lp" is loaded, please before modprobe walkera0701 remove (rmmod lp) this module.

To compile module without building full kernel, download Makefile, copy this file inside source tree and run "make". Install module by "insmod drivers/input/joystick/walkera0701.ko".

Development version in GIT tree


Please see Documentation/input/walkera0701.txt in GIT tree
Walkera PCM format description can be found at smartpropoplus page
crrcsim patch for walkera0701 connected over soundcard can be found here